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About Us

Limpio Group Kenya Limited offers commercial as well as homes specialised comprehensive homes cleaning. Big or Small we clean your homes, offices,buildings, control pests, fumigate, landscape and manage your wastes.We use very environmental friendly products to your premises and the humans around your surroundings; guided by a strong and devoted work ethics.A team of highly multi-talented and skilled cleaning personnel is provided to offer the best customer cleaning services to keep the clients happy and satisfied with our offerings and continue being in partnerships and collaborations to support your businesses and homes alike.

We are fully registered and pride ourselves in offering a variety of services all under one roof at very competitive and friendly prices .
Limpio cleaners provides a thorough and detailed car cleaning for all and any type of car. We provide services like polishing, inner cleaning, seats shampooing, and much more for your car.

We have the best machines and equipment for better provision of all our cleaning services...